I help coaches and workshop facilitators to grow prosperous businesses that give them the lifestyle and freedom they want – for themselves and their families through a powerful blend of mentoring and coaching.

When I started coaching in 2012, for the first two years I had NO CLIENTS. I felt frustrated and was close to giving up. Since 2014, when I got serious about growing my coaching business, I have supported over three thousand business leaders and owners from thirty countries – as a coach, mentor and workshop facilitator. Now I share what I have learned with other coaches and workshop facilitors who want to turn their passion for helping people into a profitable business. You will:

  • Become clear what you want out of your business (and your life!)
  • Know what to do to grow your business – without overthinking it
  • Start doing things that take your business to another level and save time and energy
  • Fine – tune your strategy until you get the results you want
  • Become the go-to expert for your clients
  • Attract as many clients as you need
  • Deliver massive value to your clients
  • Start generating the income you deserve
  • Identify further sources of revenue as a coach


Decide why you’re
absolutely committed
to growing a GREAT
coaching business


Get in the driving seat
Take full responsibility
and raise the scope
of your impact


Take massive action daily 
that translate directly 
into the growth 
of your business


Once you start achieving 
your key business goals 
you become super-effective 
in other areas of your life 

Are we a good fit?

  • Do you want to make coaching your main source of income and are serious about making it happen?

  • Are you frustrated with what you have right now, and you know you deserve much more, but that is not happening?

  • Have you had it and are ready to move on?

My Clients choose me for:

  • The no-nonsense approach
  • My experience and track record
  • Focus on results

I’m very straightforward and direct and I understand you’ve turned to me for a very clear reason: You want to take your coaching business to another level.

Before we decide that we are a good fit, book your complimentary first session here: