How Many Clients Did You Get Last Week?

That is in fact one of the questions my I ask my Clients. It is straightforward and challenging, but that is what most of my Clients want: MORE of the RIGHT Clients. That simple question help my Clients stay focused and on track. The truth is that if you want a sustainable and profitable business that will give you the lifestyle you want, you need to ensure the constant in-flow of clients. Nigel Botterill, the founder and CEO of Entrepreneurs’ Circle, highlights the importance of, what he calls, the rhythmic acquisition of customers. I like the word “rhythmic”! In short – you need to make sure that you have a constant “queue” of people who can potentially become your customers.

If I were to put my finger on one single essential skill we – business owners need to master, it would be getting and keeping customers!

The world is full of entrepreneurs who have everything – great passion, adequate products or services, but who fail – because they don’t have enough of the right clients. I am sure you know such people!
Ensuring the “client pipeline” should become your number one priority.

If you belong to one of the two very populous groups of business owners – the first – who “are not good st selling”, or the second – who “believe that marketing doesn’t work”, you are in trouble!

You may say that there are businesses that are always busy and have enough of or more customers than they can handle, and you are right! I know two owners of renovation companies whose calendars are full at least six months ahead, but both you and I also know that those are rather exceptions than rules.

The overwhelming majority of businesses need more of the right clients all the time!
There is the theory that “quality will always win”, and that if a business provides high-quality products or services, people will recommend them. It is true, but that is a relatively passive approach. I know from my experience that clients are less ready to promote you than you may think. Even if they value your products or services, they are too busy with their lives to think about promoting you!

Ironically, many of the most profitable businesses have nothing to do with top quality. The world is full of companies that make millions selling crap!

So you have a choice: To take it personally and complain about all the injustice in the world or take care of your marketing!