Is It Good To Be Inspired?

I have recently heard the word “overrated” a lot. I have even seen an article “Overrated Things You’ve Given Too Much Importance To In Life

I would add one more item to that list: INSPIRATION.

So many people are “inspired” by some success stories, films, influencers, but still live their own shitty lives.

Organisations invest tens of thousands of dollars in inviting world – known authorities to give power talks to their people. So what? Two weeks later nobody remembers and they go back to their mediocre performance.

Inspiration is like dopamine – we need it, we crave it, we love it for a brief moment, and it leaves us hungry for another shot, detached and absent.

How many times have you been inspired, but nothing happened?

Probably hundreds, or thousands of times!

What price do you pay?

You reinforce the pattern: “It is OK to dream?” What’s wrong with that? Is dreaming a bad thing, when it comes to running your business? A dream, or inspiration can be extremely powerful, it can become a driving force – you finally discover what it is that you want, you are inspired by some people who have already achieved that… And that is the moment you need to stop dreaming and start acting, that is the time you need to switch your gear from “dream” to “execute”.



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