The Cookies Policy aims to supplement the Privacy Policy in the scope of processing personal data of website users with the help of cookies.

Read our Cookies Policy to learn:

1. Who is the Controller of your personal data obtained through cookies?

The Controller of your personal data, i.e. the entity that decides on the purposes and means of using your personal data, is Piotr Jankiewicz who does business as: Piotr Jankiewicz MAXIMIZING COMMUNICATION, with registered office in Warsaw, ul. Filtrowa 69/8, 02-055 Warsaw, NIP (tax ID no.): 6782664704, REGON (statistical no.): 356345973 (hereinafter referred to as “We”).

2. How can you contact the Data Controller?

You can contact us in all matters regarding our use of your personal data:
    1. by sending an e-mail to the following address:
    2. by calling the following phone number: (+44) 7305999534
    3. by sending a message using the contact form on our website:
    4. or by regular mail, sent to the following address: Piotr Jankiewicz MAXIMIZING COMMUNICATION, ul. Filtrowa 69, lok. 8, 02-055 Warsaw, Poland.

3. What are cookies?

We use cookies on our website. Cookies are small chunks of IT data – text files that are installed in the web browser of your computer or other mobile device when you visit our website. Usually, a cookie file consists of information about the website it comes from, a unique code, and information on how long the cookie is stored in the User’s web browser.
Cookies do not in any way affect the devices on which they are stored. They do not change the settings or configurations of any software installed on these devices. They are completely safe for the User and the equipment used to browse the website.

4. What is the purpose of cookies?

We need cookies to collect statistical data about the Users of our website. Although such data may in some circumstances be considered personal data, e.g. the IP address of the device you use, in general, we are talking about anonymous statistical data. We do not combine such data with any other information about you, but only use it to improve the quality and functionality of our website, ensure the safety of our website and its Users, e.g. to prevent phishing, customise the website’s content to the needs and interests of its Users, provide social media features (e.g. Facebook plug-in), analyse our traffic and for statistical purposes.

5. What kind of cookies are there?

Cookies can be divided into different categories on the basis of how long they are stored in the browser of the User’s device or based on their source of origin. We use the following cookies on our website:

– session cookies
– cookies that are saved in your device’s browser when you visit our website and are deleted when you close your browser,

– persistent cookies – cookies that are saved in your device’s browser when you visit our website and remain stored there for a while, even after you close your browser. Such cookies have a set period of time for which they can be stored and are automatically deleted after its expiry.

b) source of origin:
– cookies that are saved in your – – first-party cookies – cookies that belong to us and come from our website with the website name (domain) encoded in their structure, 

– third-party cookies – cookies that are installed in your browser via our website, but originate from external entities that we cooperate with or that provide us with IT services.

6. What cookies are used on our website?

Table of cookies used in connection with the website

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7. What are Google Analytics cookies?

These are third party cookies that provide us with IT services which make it possible to analyse User preferences and create statistical reports that we later use to improve the quality of the website. The collected data concerns the following information: the number of Users and sessions, the duration of their visits to the site, the types of devices and operating systems they use, User locations, URL address of the visited pages, the files Users clicked on, date of the first visit to the website, and IP addresses of User devices.
Our website includes plug-ins and tools that allow Users to access services offered by other entities, e.g. Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. The use of these applications may result in sending information concerning Users to certain external entities.

8. How can you manage cookies?

The User can block the possibility of installing some or all cookies in their browser at any time.
It is worth remembering that blocking is only effective for the browser in which the relevant settings were changed. If you block cookies in a specific browser, these settings will not automatically apply to other browsers available on the same device.
You can find more detailed information about the possibility of changing cookie settings in the settings of your web browser.
The URL addresses listed below will take you directly to browser pages with detailed information on changing your cookie settings:

Browser name:

Internet Explorer :