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What Problem Do You Solve?

When I ask people what they do, they often tell me: “I give German classes online”, “I am a fitness coach”, or “I am an accountant”. Wow! How exciting! Do your potential clients care what YOU DO? Let me be honest and straightforward: They don’t give a s**t! The majority of business owners bore clients with technicalities rather than make them excited about getting what they want our need, or relieved – by helping them to get rid of a certain in their lives. And YES – the negative motivation – realizing what it will cost them if they don’t change is usually more effective than the positive motivation.

Remember, your clients don’t want:

  1. German classes online
  2. A fitness coach
  3. An accountant

Let me tell you more
They don’t even want to:

  1. learn German,
  2. see you in the gym twice a week,
  3. pay someone to hep them do their books!

Your Clients DO want:

  1. The stuff that being able to speak German will give them – a better job, a new partner, a more exciting life!
  2. How they will feel, what self-esteem they will have – as a result of being fit, or – eliminating the scenario related to being overweight and passive;
  3. The peace of mind resulting from the fact that their books are in order.

Your clients will spend their hard-earned cash on your products or services, because they want or need something, or because they’re fed up with something, and they want to replace it with something else.

What problem do I solve?
People don’t contact me because they would like to have coaching sessions. They choose me because they don’t have enough of the right clients, and they want someone who’ll help them get MORE of the quality clients. And that’s exactly what they get.

What Problem Do You Solve?